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We would like you to fill in this questionnaire before your free consultation, in order to provide you with the best service. 

What to expect from our consultation with our advisor:
• An assessment of the admission chances based on the answers to the clarifying questions
• Recommendation of a suitable service within  C.Academy
• Answers to questions regarding the specifics of our services 

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What year are you going to enroll at university?
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Sales manager for education company
- Communication with potential clients, representation of the services of the company;
- Conduction if surveys with potential clients for marketing purposes;
- Organization of meetings with clients in the office and their consulting on the services of the company
- Free consultations about company’s products to clients by phone
- Transfer of tasks / documents of current clients to company managers
- Processing incoming messages on the company's social networks

⁃ Advanced knowledge of English and French, Darija
⁃ Ability to sell in writing, by the phone and by live communication
⁃ Understanding the specifics of the field of education and admission abroad will be your advantage
⁃ High literacy rate
New vacancy
The ability to be at the company office at Rabat from Monday to Friday
Full time work from 10:00 to 19:00, one hour for lunch
Salary we’ll discuss with every successful candidate
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