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С.ACADEMY emerged in 2018 as an ambitious startup
founded by Irina Chelysheva who independently entered 10 prestigious universities in Europe, UK, and Australia and received 5 full scholarships, including Visby and Chevening. Irina wanted to share with other applicants the strategy and knowledge that led her to such accomplishments and inspire them with her example. She then attracted mentors and admission experts, who themselves were admitted to the world's top universities and won scholarships for their education to collaborate and help as many ambitious people, thus building C.ACADEMY.
In just 3 years, C.Academy has expanded to become a large company with more than 50 workers, driven by a common purpose: showing the way to self-accomplishment and dream realization.

We offer full admission support, courses, and many other services that will allow you to fulfill your academic and career goals.

We have fulfilled the dreams of more than 300 ambitious clients, and you are the next!
We are an international entity, a community made of experts, mentors, and consultants.
And all of our actions are driven by one purpose, which is to show the way to self-accomplishment, dream realization, and self-belief.
We are on a mission to provide young ambitious people with growth opportunities and help them acquire the knowledge they need to fulfill their dreams.

From getting scholarships to enrolling in the world’s TOP universities to career orientation and many other facilities that ensure a bright future for those who are seeking it.
We envision supporting and inspiring people every step of the way, by leading by example and giving solution

It is essential for us to enable ambitious young people to stand out from the crowd, master their area, and be the change in their environment, and as C.ACADEMY we intend to meaningfully contribute to such fulfillment.
C.ACADEMY has grown to gather a team of mentors,
alumni of prestigious universities, founders of top companies, university professors, professional ICF coaches, selection committee members, psychologists, and IELTS accredited trainers, all in a mission to unpâck your potential, help you achieve your goals and support the ambitious person that you are.
UK, USA, Europe
In 2018 entered the top 10 universities in England and the USA. Among them UCL, King’s College, NYU, University of Chicago and others. Graduated international programm IB in Russia

Received a scholarship The Denys Holland Scholarship  with a coverage of £ 9,000 per year.
Receives a master's degree at St. Petersburg State University, studies linguistics of the English-language socio-political discourse. 

Extensive international experience: participation in international projects, travel, volunteering. Working at C.Academy allows Veronica to use all her experience and knowledge of the English language to help people fulfill their dreams and get an education abroad, as well as develop new skills and unleash their potential.
Sorbonne Université — Sciences et Ingénierie

Polina entered 3 leading technical universities in France, belongs to the 10% of the best students in the direction of Biology and Chemistry.

Participant and winner of regional and all-Russian school and student Olympiads in biology and chemistry.

Graduated magistracy in cosmetology this year. She also studied as an exchange student in Korea in the same direction. 
Basic education - pharmacist. 

She has been working for the third year in a hospital at 3S Pharmacological Consultation & Research, researching new drugs that are not yet on the market for humans.

Diana entered more than 5 American universities and received a scholarship (over 30 thousand dollars). 
She studied for 2 years at the NYU for Liberal Studies and transferred to the Erasmus University Rotterdam at the International Bachelor of Communication and Media. FLEX fellowships.

Several times, along with a letter of admission to the university, she received special praise from the deans of the selection committee on writing skills.

Studying at the University of Oxford with a degree in Masters in Biological Sciences. She is infinitely fond of natural sciences,  engaged in laboratories of molecular biology and fond of scientific enlightenment.

In free time, she teaches in a volunteer project to children from all over Russia.

Quinnipiac University

She entered 2 out of 5 US universities. One of them, Quinnipiac University, allocated a grant of $ 72,000 for studying. Eleonora also successfully completed competitions for scholarships in China and successfully enrolled in an internship in Taiwan.

She is a third-year student at the Moscow Institute of Language as a linguist-translator (English, Dutch, French). In 2021 she was selected to participate in the exchange program with the University of KU Leuven, Belgium. Won a Priority Country Program grant, nominated by the Flemish government to cover the costs of studying for a program in Flanders.

She started working at C.Academy because she is sure that education abroad can open up a huge number of new opportunities for people. 
Maria wants to help others on their way to entering the university of their dreams :)

Strasbourg University 

In 2020 enrolled to the 5 top universities in France, including the Sorbonne University, the University of Strasbourg, the University of Paris and others.

Received a scholarship from the Islamic Development Bank and the French government covering all expenses during her Bachelor's and future Master's studies. 

Part-time journalist at the largest media agency in his country (Uznews.uz in Uzbekistan)

Saint Petersburg State University, University of Florence, University of Bologna

She graduated St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Cultural Studies, profile: Culture of Italy

In the 2nd year she went to the University of Florence under the student exchange program for a semester, after graduating from the bachelor's degree she entered the master's program at the University of Bologna, where she studied in Italian with a degree in Information, Media Organization

She wants to help make dreams come true and be inspired by victories.

I’ve never even dared to study abroad and it seemed to be a different reality. I felt that I am not happy about my life but did not have an exact plan on how I could change it. I did not know what I wanted to do in my life and what my options were. Therefore I kept working hard hoping to see some light. Getting admitted into the best university in Belarus was an important step of my journey that opened big doors for me.

Seeing people traveling and going abroad for studies made me put it as a goal for myself, and for that, I kept preparing for 3 years. However, despite my perfect grades, the bunch of achievements I made, and my various experiences abroad as a volunteer, I got rejected by all the programs I applied to, not even mentioning scholarships that I needed to finance my studies.

I did not give up although it was hard. For 16 months I kept searching and looking for options, learning how to build a strong profile and write persuasive motivational letters, prepare for IELTS exam, and get ready for interviews with selection commissions,
“Coming from a small city in Belarus I know how hard it could be to realize your dreams. To be honest, it is hard even to dream.
This experience inspired me to found a company that will help students find their way in life, build career strategy, go abroad, get scholarships, learn languages… all in one place, in the most effective way with the support and advice of professionals and experts.
"As a result, I got 5 full scholarships and 10 offers from top schools abroad and I went to study in London at King’s College London with Chevening scholarship."
We collected the experience of more than 50 successful candidates, students, and graduates of top schools as well as professionals and startup founders, to create the system that effectively helps students study and work abroad, get offers from the best schools and companies, help them to discover their potential and fulfill themselves and their dreams.
Now C.ACADEMY is THE sponsor of personal growth that will help you align your life to your dreams!