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Modern and effective way to prepare for IELTS
Our trainers will help you to boost your English language skills and get a high score in IELTS in just three months. IELTS BOOM is a serious step closer to your dream and goals.

IELTS BOOM includes

Our IELTS course is a cutting-edge project by C.Academy

Our step-by-step approach to IELTS Preparation:

Our students’ references

Our course is designed to respond to the IELTS requirements and wishes of our students.
You’ll get not only a well-understood strategy but also the answers to all your questions with a focus on the most complicated sections of the exam.

IELTS BOOM content

Result: you know your English level and areas of personal growth, the test structure and requirements.
Module 1: Introduction to IELTS: what are the exam structure and your English level?
  • Getting familiar with all types of IELTS tasks
  • Tips and tricks for all the tasks
  • Effective techniques for Speaking and Listening sections
  • Step-by-step preparation for IELTS Writing
  • Decoding The algorithm of IELTS Speaking
  • Improving your English
  • Creating your personal study plan
  • Making your preparation timeline
Result: You know how to deal with and solve all the tasks. You’re aware of effective tricks and life hacks for all sections. You’ve your personal study plan.
Module 2: IELTS: full immersion
  • Systematically train your language skills with IELTS tasks
  • 20 IELTS speaking topics
  • 20 grammar topics
  • 20 IELTS vocabulary checklists
  • Practicing writing and speaking skills with the new grammar and vocabulary
Result: You’ve improved your vocabulary. You’ve learned new grammar structures. You are ready for all types of tasks and trained your speaking and writing skills.
Module 3: Practice: systematic training for IELTS and English level improving
Module 4 – Boosting your writing and speaking skills
  • Writing hub is our essay accelerator. During the course, you’ll write more than 30 essays, get feedback from our trainers and other students. Also, you’ll have a chance to check others’ essays to boost your writing skills. As the result, you’ll improve your written English, practice all kinds of tasks, new grammar and vocabulary.
Result: You know how to write a high-scoring essay and make your texts stand out. You can easily find ideas for writing and describe graphs. You know how to find persuasive arguments to demonstrate a high level of English.
  • Speaking club - is a community for oral English practice. You’ll train your speaking skills for 15 hours with other students and the trainers to get ready for IELTS Speaking section.
Result: You can speak fluently on any topic using high-level grammar and vocabulary.
Module 5 – Learning how to solve IELTS tasks: improving your English level quickly
  • Our method of dealing with associations for outstanding essays and speaking fluently
  • Speech patterns for 20 topics ​​detailed response
  • 50 constructions to sound like a native English speaker
  • A method of reading graphs quickly
  • Essay templates for different topics
  • Creativity technique for speaking and writing tasks
  • 10 ways to speak without knowing the topic
  • Best essay examples
  • 30 words to sound like a native English speaker
  • 20 advanced grammar structures
  • Vocabulary checklist for Advanced level
  • 5 secrets to high score on the IELTS: what the examiners are looking for
  • Skimming and scanning techniques for IELTS Reading
  • The best podcasts for listening practice
Result: You are fully prepared for the exam. You have instructions for all IELTS tasks. You can answer all the questions easily and prove your English proficiency.

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